This Book, by Alan Twain, is for all those who want to Learn Simple and Funny Techniques to Improve their Memory Skills.
Strongly recommended for Technicians, Engineers, Students of any Faculty, It Teaches You to Remember permanently Math Formulas, Numbers, ordered Lists, even Chinese Characters.
The last big chapter is divided in order to Learn All Techniques into a 7 Days Learning Plan.




By the same Author of “Improve your Memory in 7 days”, the Book “Learning Quickly”. We find many Techniques to increase our learning speed. We learn to structure our projects with Mind Maps. We learn to Read faster, filtering the most relevant information. The book Teaches You to solve problems by facing them with method and tools designed to simplify the Problem Solving process. Methods with which to analyze and focus on concepts are illustrated, among which the Socratic Method and Feynman’s Method stand out.





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